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Welcome to Garry Greenwood's Ministry of Sculpture website. Please visit his galleries by clicking on the links above.

Garry graduated from the Blackpool School of Art in the UK in the late 60's and shortly afterwards commenced work at Channel 7, Canberra, Australia, as photographer and news cameramen. Much of his life's work was in the photographic world and you can view a selection of his photos in his Photo Gallery. In the mid 70's Garry built a 14 meters ferro-cement yacht which became his home for many months.

The ferro-cement yacht consisted basically of eight layers of bird wire mesh which were sculptured into the shape of the yacht then plastered with cement. Nowadays, Garry is content with creating much smaller bird wire sculptures:  brolgas, octopus, jellyfish and goannas and more.

More recently Garry was the artist in residence for 18 months at the Myall Park Botanic Garden in the semi-arid Western Downs area of S. W. Queensland - and it was here that he started to work with rusty and discarded corrugated iron which can be found in great abundance in some places. Garry has held many successful bird wire workshops throughout Queensland and has recently received invitations to hold similar workshops in Europe and Asia.

Both his bird wire and rusty iron sculptures as well as his paintings can be found throughout the Western Downs region of Southern Queensland and in selected galleries in far Northern Queensland. Garry's long term dream is to sculpt a flock of life-size dancing brolgas and other animals using bird wire and have them installed somewhere in outback Australia.



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