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Welcome to my photo gallery. Here, and on the following pages, are presented ten black and white photos taken by yours truly fifty years ago in Liverpool, UK whilst an art student in the nearby city of Blackpool. These photos were part of just one of my art assignments as a student.


It was my wish, in taking these photos, to show an inherent power created by the contrast between the simple childlike activities of the subjects set amidst a foreboding brick and steel backdrop.


Now, with the passing of so many years, this power continues to grow steadfastly.


For the technically minded, and if my memory is correct, they were all taken on my old Leica focal plane shutter 35mm camera on FP3 black and white film with a shutter speed of a sixtieth of a second at an aperture setting of around f3.5. I developed and printed them all.


Please enjoy!








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