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Pricing Details


All pieces are hand made by Garry Greenwood personally and no two sculptures are the same. Some of the more intricate birdwire pieces can take weeks whilst others can be created within a few hours. Basically it all depends upon the design and size.

The smaller desk-top size birdwire sculptures such as jellyfish and octopus usually wholesale starting around A$120 - plus, with postage as extra. They are posted worldwide regularly by airmail which usually takes around a week.

These smaller sculptures can usually be dispatched within a week, ie, they often have to be sculptured first. The large slightly larger than life-size dancing Brolga birds (cranes) wholesale for around A$1500 - plus each and cannot be posted, so special pick-up arrangements must be made. If you are interested in special commissioned items please contact us to discuss design, pricing, installation costs (if applicable), delivery time and delivery costs and methods.

The rusty metal sculptures wholesale for A$45 each and can also be posted airmail worldwide.

The prices quotes above are based upon a reasonable wholesale price thereby allowing the buyer the opportunity to retail them in galleries, etc. We are happy to post multiple items to reduce postage charges.

Australian buyers can pay either by Post Office money order, bank cheque or Paypal.

Overseas buyers can only use Paypal.

If you have any questions please don't hesite to contact us.